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Researching Social Media

  Assignment 2: Researching Social Media We are all socially connected. Some of us like to be so more than others. Technology allows us to do this in a variety of ways. In this assignment, you will learn to use a new technology that helps you become socially connected. This technology can take the form […]

Wiley Plus Assignment

Description / Instructions:  Complete the following in WileyPLUS: * Problem 10.14 * Problem 11.20 * Problem 11.24 * Problem 12.24 * Problem 13.11   Question 1 Briarcrest Condiments is a spice-making firm. Recently, it developed a new process for producing spices. The process requires new machinery that would cost $1,968,450. have a life of five […]

week 8 dis

Applying Social Cognitive Theory to Environmental Health Consider the following scenario: A mother is pressured by her children to start exercising every day because they had learned about the need for it in school. The mother usually tries to set an example for her children, but in this case her children are setting the example […]

PROBLEM NAME: THE STUDENT AVERAGE PROGRAMPROBLEM STATEMENT AND REQUIREMENTSPlan and design the algorithm logic of the “Student Average” program using…

PROBLEM NAME: THE STUDENT AVERAGE PROGRAM PROBLEM STATEMENT AND REQUIREMENTS Plan and design the algorithm logic of the “Student Average” program using IPO analysis and the Raptor tool. The following are the functional requirements: • The program shall allow the user to enter the student’s ID, student’s name, and student’s mid-term and final exams grades. […]

Sexual Violence Presentation

I am willing to pay $30.00 for this assignment. If you believe you require an additional amount, please do not Sexual Violence Presentation   Instruction   You have been asked to deliver a presentation on sexual violence to community activists who are determined to understand the causes and effects of such violence. You have also […]

CJS 241 Future of Policing Proposal Powerpoint

Research the future of policing and find two future trends in policing of interest to you. Examples include the following: Augmented reality technology Radio Frequency Identification systems Autonomous vehicles Wearable computers Predictive policing Drone technology and aerial surveillance Biometrics GPS tracking (geo tracking and metadata devices) Locate at least two articles on each trend. Create an 8- to […]

MAT 221 Introduction to Algebra

Use the properties of real numbers to simplify the following expressions: 2a(a – 5) + 4(a – 5) 2w – 3 + 3(w – 4) – 5(w – 6) 0.05(0.3m + 35n) – 0.8(-0.09n – 22m)  Write a two to three page paper that is formatted in APA style and according to the Math Writing […]