cis 312 week 5 discussion

“Distributed Software Architecture”  Please respond to the following:

  • Research the Internet for one (1) real-world example of a distributed software architecture. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Read the article titled, “What cloud computing really means,” located here. Original Source: Knorr, E., & Gruman, G. (7 April 2008). What cloud computing really means. Retrieved from
  • From the first e-Activity, briefly summarize your chosen example’s function and design. Next, determine whether or not you believe the example could function as effectively in a non-distributed architecture as it had in a distributed architecture. Justify your response.
  • From the second e-Activity, suggest what you believe are the two (2) most beneficial characteristics of cloud-computing from an organizational perspective. Further, explain at least one (1) challenge an organization could potentially face when implementing an existing in-house application or system into the cloud. Justify your response.