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Composition Writing Assignment

Persuasive Writing


Writing is a form of talking.  Every piece of writing that you develop is part of a dialogue with an intended audience.  In Persuasive Writing your goal is to get your audience to think the way that you do about a timely and controversial issue, do you need to make your perspective convincing. 

Everyone has one, a “Pet Peeve.” Ink this type of writing you react to a common, everyday annoyance.  An example would be people always cough and failed to cover their mouth; the germs and your ultimate sickness which follow the event.


Example paragraph:

Opposing Ideas

He Said I was Too American

My friend Pao and I dated for a year, and during that time, we argued until we got sick of it.  We argued about the stupid things all couples fight about, but the main thing that came between us was something that other couples probably don’t have to deal with.  We consistently argued about whether I was too Americanized.

Pao and I both came to the United States from Korea five years ago……………..



Write a two page Persuasive essay on a controversial subject that is going on presently (Current Events).  Some suggestions would be for you to watch CNN News or the like and select a subject that you can take a stand and persuade someone to adopt your perspective on the subject matter. I would like for you to use the (Story about Sandra Bland the Texas Inmate) if at all possible.


Rubic for Persuasive Writing

Stimulating Ideas

  1. Establishes an opinion or a position about a timely subject

  2. Contains specific facts, details and examples to support the opinion

  3. Maintains a clear, consistent stand from start to finish

Logical Organization

  1. Includes a clear beginning, strong support and a convincing conclusion.

  2. Arranges ideas in an organized manner (Point one…)

  3. Presents reasonable, logical arguments.

Correct, Accurate Copy

  1. Adheres to the basic rules of writing.

  2. Follows the appropriate form and design for final copies