course project instructions you will use project plan and other documentation you created it

Course Project Instructions You will use the project plan and other documentation that you created in ITC 4760 to implement an information systems project in this course. You may begin the project at any point during the course. Take your time and be thorough. This project will comprise a large portion of your grade. If you have any questions, contact your instructor for guidance. Use the documentation and files that you created in ITC 4760 to implement your project. Design Document – Using requirements gathering techniques, create appropriate design documents for your project, including diagrams. Decide on the best solution for your project. Create a short summary of the chosen solution and its justification. Implementation and Updated Project Plan – Create an implementation schedule and make any necessary changes to the project plan. Begin implementing the chosen solution. Test plan – Continue to implement your solution. Create a test plan that includes the testing approaches to be used and the schedule along with other relevant information. Testing Results – Complete your solution to the point of testing and perform the quality control tests created in unit three. Document the test results. Rollout and/or Maintenance Plan – Create a rollout or maintenance plan for your implemented system (depending on which is more appropriate) Your plan should define the process and schedule for rolling out the overall system or maintaining it after implementation. You may use Microsoft Project or create a document describing the plan. Once you have completed your research paper project, submit your completed research paper by uploading it through the “Course Project” link in Unit VIII. Do not e-mail your paper directly to your professor. By using this link, your university record will automatically be updated to indicate you have submitted your paper and the paper will be provided to your professor for grading.