darwins dangerous idea

Discussion on Darwin’s Dangerous Ideas: This assignment is comprised of 2 postings on the discussion board.  First, you are expected to post a substantive contribution of at least 200 words after watching Darwin’s Dangerous Idea video that is found in Module 5. Do this here on the Darwin’s Dangerous Ideas topic in the Discussions. Next, read all the discussion postings by your classmates and respond to one of their thoughts with a second posting of at least 200 words. Note: For both posts, simply saying “I agree” is not a substantive contribution. Your post must support your position, and reflect the concepts and characteristics covered in the Evolution Powerpoint presentation and the Darwin videos. Each posting is worth 20 points for a total of 40 points.  There is no grading rubric used for this assignment.

A couple of guidelines for the Darwin Discussion. I want the discussion to focus on science, not on personal beliefs. This is a science class, not a theology class. Remember, for us to examine a scientific idea we must work in the realm of the physical, the measurable, and the perceivable.  It is OK to comment on how Darwin struggled with the persecution of the church and how that still occurs today, however, I do not want a discussion, description, or debate on your personal beliefs.  This is not meant to insult anyone’s personal beliefs, it is just difficult to debate your beliefs on this discussion board. 
One way to focus your thoughts is to type them in a word processing program and then later cut- and-paste them into the Discussion posting. This allows you time to think about what you want to say and to save your response. Finally, if you want to debate anything, you must provide literature citations or references for your argument – we are interested in facts and data – not opinions – no exceptions.
Here is one of the students comment that you have to respons to it with at least 200 words :
I found this video about Darwin very interesting.  I’ve never really thought much of evolution, but watching this made me more aware and more interested in it.  Evolution is the process in which different living organisms have changed, or evolved, to be what they are today.  Darwin collected different animal species, but the one that stood out most to me were the finches.  As they studied these birds they learned that all of them were finches and that all of them had their similarities, yet all of them were different.  Darwin believed that they all came from the same ancestors, and that they had slowly adapted to their own habitats over time, which made them different from one another.  Darwin noticed this in all of his findings. Darwin was a man that no matter what anyone said or thought he kept studying, and kept writing his book even though he could get in trouble by the church for his beliefs. Darwin believed it was science, not God that had made this happen.  But everyone he told thought he was crazy.  There were many, many people who fought Darwin on this, and many people who judged him for his theory, and few who gave this theory a chance.  Darwin began a theory that would be studied and added to later on, a theory that scientists today use, and a theory of how this world came to be.
Here is the links for videos idea 
part 1 http://www.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/1530551/uiconf_id/26062922/entry_id/0_1cg01j4z/embed/auto?
Part 2
part 3 
part 4
Part 5
part 6
part 7 
part 8

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