due 6pm est

I have attached the project I want to use from the CDC’s website. And here are my 5 questions. 


1.  Was there any correlation between socio-economic demographics and scores?


2.  Was analysis done to determine the effect, if any, of the child’s age?


3.  Did the different states of residence affect the SDQ?


4.  Were there differences attributable to the child’s gender?


5. Was a multiple regression analysis performed to attempt to predict SDQ based on all the demographic data?


I will be using reliability and validity as my statistical tools for this project.



For this unit’s Project, you will be building on the Project from Unit 5. Use the data and questions you asked to turn in a Project with these components:

This Project needs to be detailed, concise, and at least 2-3 pages in length in order to provide the information mentioned below.


  • The formal hypotheses – a detailed outline of the hypotheses for this Project

  • Complete proposal of the statistical procedure you hope to employ to test the hypothesis

  • Section on the experimental design and the identification of the appropriate “variables” involved in the process

  • Section on the statistical analyses that will provide an explanation of the statistical procedures that will be or are used