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IMPORTANT: You must show your work on all calculations to receive credit. This assignment is worth 5 points. 

Of the 100,000 salmon that migrate up the Rogue River each year, it is estimated that only 10,000 are wild salmon. Approximately 6,000 wild salmon are killed by fishermen and an additional 500 die each year due to disease before reaching their spawning grounds. Assume the following for the calculations you will perform in the following questions: Birth, death and reproductive rates are calculated based on the population size that begins the migration process and the time frame is the year that migration begins until the moments eggs are deposited in the stream bed,NOT when they die after spawning. Show your work or credit.

Of the initial 10,000 wild salmon that returned to the Rogue River, how many actually reach their spawning grounds to reproduce?  This will be your initial population size to use below.


The actual spawning population produced 3,888 offspring, which will someday return to the Rogue River as adults. Using the initial population size above what is the birth rate of wild salmon that migrate up the Rogue River? Report your calculation to 0.00 (2 decimal places). (1 pt)


Using the initial population size and the number of fish that die before spawning, what is the death rate of wild salmon that migrate up the Rogue River?  (1 pt)


Using the birth and death rates you calculated above what is the growth rate (r) of this population? Does this represent positive or negative population growth? (1 pt)


Assume the unit of time in G is one year. Using the growth rate (r) you calculated, predict the population size of wild salmon that will return to the Rogue River after 5 years. You can do your calculations on this sheet, rounding to the nearest whole number each year. Use the example on page 490 and the Lab 2 key if you don’t know how to calculate this. (2 pts)


Population   Size

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