English Composition – 2 assignments

PWYL Pg. 396 Activity A : 1-5


Another Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, moved in a different direction than the Mexican muralists. Although her work has been associated with the Surrealists, she was an independent like Klee and Miro. Using the visual vocabulary of Mexican Folk art, she drew directly on the events of her life, particularly the accident that left her party crippled and in pain. In Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird… the prickly thorns represents the ache of the body and soul. The monkey and cat refer to the jungle and the fact that she was part Indian. The hummingbird that hangs around her neck is a symbol of those who have lost love. In particular, it refers to her recent divorce from muralist Diego Rivera, who she soon remarried.


  1. The book from which the passage was take from contains the following information. Select the appropriate data and prepare a working bibliography card.


Fleming’s Art & Ideas

Tenth Edition

Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, publishers

Boston, MA

Printed in the USA by Graphic World Inc.

23 chapters plus glossary, 704 pages

Library of Congress Control Number 2004107621

Chapter 21

Copyright 2005

Authors: Mary Warner Marien, Professor, Syracuse University, and William Fleming, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University




  1. Paraphrase the first four sentences of the passage.


  1. Summarize the passage, but do not quote from it.



 4. Select an important idea from the passage to quote directly and lead

into the quotation with a smooth acknowledgment of its source.


 5. Select an idea or a quotation from the passage and use it as support

for a point of your own, being careful not to plagiarize the borrowed










Pg. 398 Assignment A



A. To practice searching for and changing source material, find three recent works on your essay topic available in your library, If you don’t have an essay topic yet, pick a subject that interest you, one that is likely to appear in both print and electronic sources (Baseball Hall of Fame, stamp collecting, the Titanic disaster; king cobras, etc.). If possible, try to find three different kinds of sources, such as book, journal, or magazine article, and a Web site. After you have recorded the bibliographic information for each source, locate and evaluate the works. Do all of theses sources provide relevant, reliable information? In a few sentences explain why you believe each one would or would not be an appropriate source for your research essay.