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TEST 5—CHAPTERS 12-13-14-15


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Directions:  Identify adjectives in the following sentences by applying bold to the adjective.  You may disregard the articles a, an, and the.


      1.      My favorite gift that I received was a crystal vase.


      2.      OurSpanish class is visiting a museum exhibit on Tuesday.


      3.      Thisup-to-date report was prepared by an assistant with spreadsheet software.


      4.      The articulate speaker will conduct his twotraining sessions at our conference.


      5.      This type of training will be extremely helpful as we start our new project.


      6.      Tom is responsible for that section of the handbook.


      7.      Ellen has reserved the conference room for the meeting on Wednesday.


      8.      Those directions are incorrect.


PART II—USE OF A and AN (10 pts.)

Directions:  From the choices given in parentheses, underline the correct article (a or an).


      1.      A career person today needs (a, an) updated storehouse of political tactics to compete effectively on the job.


      2.      Looking out for number one is (a, an) major contributor in office politics.


      3.      (A, An) advantage can be gained in the workplace by showing common courtesy to your co-workers.


      4.      My definition of office politics is the subtle and informal methods of gaining trust or (a, an) opportunity for advancement.


      5.      The simple desire to be accepted by others is (a, an) major motive for her acting the way she does.


      6.      The more (a, an) organization emphasizes winning and losing, the more politics will become a factor in the work environment.


      7.      (A, An) efficient way of cultivating your co-workers is to be a team player.


      8.      The child was (a, an) unhappy participant in the play.


      9.      (A, An) unanimous decision was made in regard to the winner.

  10.      The young lady was (a, an) honor student in high school.



Directions:  Identify adverbs in the following sentences by underlining each adverb once.  (Remember to base your answer on how the word is functioning in the sentence.)


      1.      Our performance appraisal forms must be completely revised now.


      2.      The appraisal form was always used for both six-month and yearly reviews.


      3.      Here is a copy of the current form.


      4.      Please review the attached form carefully.


      5.      Submit your comments to the Human Resources Department immediately.


      6.      Do not give a copy of the new appraisal form to Don until it has been approved by Mr. Jenkins.


      7.      It is very important that all applicants for a specific position are asked exactly the same question in the interview.


      8.      Applicants should answer all questions thoughtfully and concisely.



Directions:  Key the comparative and superlative degrees of the adjectives listed.  DO NOT STRIKE THE ENTER KEY IN THIS PART OF THE TEST; USE ONLY THE TAB KEY.





1.      bad



2.      conscientious



3.      safe



4.      good



5.      much




Directions:  Write the comparative and superlative degrees of the adverbs listed.





1.      efficiently



2.      well



3.      badly



4.      carefully



5.      early





Directions:  Place all prepositional phrases in parentheses.  Read carefully each sentence.


      1.      Grant always wanted to take piano lessons.


      2.      She took a large package from the delivery person.


      3.      Kara drove through the pouring rain.


      4.      Liz Dawson explained the procedure to her teacher and me.


      5.      They heard the news from the neighbor and her.


      6.      I showed my pictures of Spain to the class and them.


      7.      For May, we scheduled a dinner meeting in addition to the regular monthly meeting.


      8.      He spoke in support of the new referendum.


      9.      Aria accepted the award on behalf of her colleagues.


  10.      Among John Dawson’s novels I found many interesting books.



Directions:  Underline all words functioning as conjunctions in the sentences below.


      1.      Yosemite is notonly a photographer’s dream but also a camping paradise.


      2.      Neither Colleen nor Lisa had ever been away from home.


      3.      Before they boarded the plane, we gave them some books.


      4.      Because it was a well-paying job, there were many applicants.


      5.      Both aptitudes and interest should be major factors in job selection.


      6.      Some workers change jobs frequently, but some careers last a lifetime.


      7.      Unless you are told, it is difficult to realize the options in the world of work.


      8.      Dennis or Joel was the last one to be hired.


      9.      Since she entered the competition, she has done extremely well.


  10.      He didn’t call; however, he arrived at home by 9 p.m.


  11.      Meagan acts as if she does not want help with her report.


  12.      Our speaker suggested that we should not avoid stress; instead, we should let it work for us.