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English Research Paper

Choose an event from the year of your birth as close to the month as possible research it and report on it in an essay. Be sure to use an event that is not so broad that it is difficult for you to address in the essay. If necessary, narrow down the event to an aspect of the event as the basis of your topic. Use at least THREE sources, only one of which can be a website (options include a book, magazine, journal, newspaper, video, and so on, either electronic versions or hard copies). For purposes of this essay, your central idea or thesis in the introduction should focus on the importance of this event. What was its impact? Present your statements and sources in a logical sequence to support your thesis. The tone throughout should be neutral and objective support your central idea or thesis statement in your paper with statements supported by your sources and your analysis of these sources, but remember this is not an opinion piece. You are researching the event and its impact


My Birthdate in November of 1986 and this is the topic you will write about:

-November 3 Iran Contra affair: The Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa reports that the United States has been selling weapons to Iran in secret, in order to secure the release of 7 American hostages held by pro-Iranian groups in Lebanon 


You will make sure the Paper is in RESEARCH FORMAT with a Strong Thesis Statement.


Next I will need these discussion topics for English

7-1 Discussion: Research Topic and Sources Options Menu: Forum
Post your topic choice for your research essay. Include one to two sentences outlining your thesis statement as well as one of your resources and how it supports your thesis. 

When you respond to classmates’ posts, discuss what type of information you think might support their paper. Share any resources you feel might be valuable in assisting your classmates. This might be a quality website, journal, or scholarly article. Also, suggest any questions that they might want to answer in their papers.

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8-1 Discussion: Final Reflections Options Menu: Forum
In this course, you have reviewed forms of academic discourse, investigated techniques for developing your writing, and prepared writing samples.

  • What one concept or topic do you feel was most effective in helping you develop your writing?
  • What advice might you give a future student?

When you respond to your classmates’ postings, compare and contrast their experience with your own.