essay perfecto only

I can send you the pages of the book. The deadline is in 8hrs from now.  


develop three claims, and selest one to take trough from the claim to the draft process. Develop your outline into a draft (no less than 500 words).



My themes:


create 3 claims about why gay people should have or not the right to adopt. And Expone the why the do. Please no plagarism.



The drop box is linkesd to turnitin so please no plagarism at all.


The following rubric.


ENG122 – Essay/Research Paper Evaluation Sheet              




Note: The descriptions here are typical qualities and patterns in essays, but cannot exactly match every individual essay. At least occasionally, qualities from different levels mix, and the score may represent a similar mix of levels.






THESIS 0 -10 points (up to 2 points for each quality)


____ 0-2            Topic is appropriately adapted for the audience, purpose, and length of the essay.


____ 0-2            Expression of thesis is clear and graceful.


____ 0-2            Originality of thought is likely to surprise or engage many readers.


____ 0-2            Emphasis clearly reflects the writer’s attitude and purpose.


____ 0-2            Direction or structure of the essay is clearly indicated or implied (often through a preview of main points).




SUPPORT 0 – 30 points


____ 27-30        Individually and together, the body paragraphs offer sufficient relevant evidence to make                                    ideas and the overall thesis clear and convincing for the intended audience and purpose;                         support is typically specific, concrete, and interesting.


____ 24-26        The body paragraphs together offers sufficient evidence to make the essay idea reasonably clear and convincing, but evidence is occasionally general or repetitive or overly familiar.       


____ 21-23        Some good, relevant support is offered, but evidence is frequently general, or occasionally                    insufficient to make the ideas fully clear or convincing.


____ 18-20        Some paragraph ideas may be unclear, or support in two or more body paragraphs may be thin or unconvincing, or not directly relevant to the original thesis.


____ 0-17          Support is consistently weak, often relying only on generalities or repetition.






ORGANIZATION 0 -10 points


____ 9-10          Organization both among and within paragraphs follows a natural, logical order reinforced by effective transitions.              


____ 8              Organization among and within paragraphs is generally logical and clear, with some effort                                        toward providing clear, smooth transitions.


____ 7              Organization is reasonably easy to follow, but the pattern of organization seems uncertain,
                         or the absence of transitions may occasionally require the reader to work out the


____ 6               Organization among and/or within paragraphs is difficult to follow, with considerable scattering of ideas.


____ 0-5            Lack of organization among and/or within paragraphs makes ideas and connections uncertain or hard to find.  




EXPRESSION 0 -10 points


____ 9-10          Language is consistently accurate and appropriate, and often vivid; sentence structures are                                       mature and varied, and control emphasis well; sentences may display rhythm and balance.


____ 8               Language is usually clear and appropriate, but may be occasionally general or vague;             sentence structures are usually clear and smooth, but may lack variety or conciseness.


____ 7               Language is usually clear, but occasionally inaccurate, inappropriate, or unclear; some
                         sentence structures may seem simplistic or tangled.


____ 6              Word choice in several places is inexact and inappropriate, and several sentences may be                            confusing.


____ 0-5            Word choice and/or sentence structures reveal considerable discomfort








INTRODUCTION 0 – 5 points (0-1 point for each quality)


____ 0-1            Grabber Opening sentences make the reader want to read further.


____ 0-1            Set-up Early sentences provide enough context or background to lead naturally to the                                  thesis.


____ 0-1            Focus The central concern of the essay is clearly established (usually through a firm thesis                           statement).


____ 0-1            Preview The reader is prepared for smooth movement into the essay’s body (usually through a preview of main points).


____ 0-1            Voice A clear sense of the writer’s attitude, tone, and voice emerges.






CONCLUSION 0 – 5 points


____ 5                          Conclusion ends the essay gracefully and memorably, reinforcing the central idea or ideas                             of the essay, and maintaining its overall tone and emphasis.


____ 4                          Conclusion ends the essay clearly and smoothly, reinforcing the central idea or ideas of the                            essay, and maintaining its overall tone and emphasis.


____ 3                          Conclusion makes clear that the essay has ended, but it may seem abrupt or hurried,                       perhaps merely repeating the original thesis statement


____ 2                          Conclusion may seem uncertain, without a firm sense of completion; it may introduce new                                        ideas or attitudes that leave the reader uncertain about overall emphasis.


____ 0-1            Conclusion may contradict or undermine the original thesis, or the essay may trail off with                                   no sense of ending.




MECHANICS (Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation) 0-30 points
27-30        Control of mechanics is secure: few if any errors appear; those that do appear are                                  insignificant.


____ 24-26        Occasional minor errors occur, but they do not cause misreading, and the writer still reveals a firm grasp of grammar, spelling and punctuation.


____ 21-23        Several minor errors or occasional major errors occur, distracting the reader, but not interfering with understanding.


____ 18-20        Errors in mechanics are frequent or troublesome enough to interfere with understanding and undermine the reader’s confidence in the writer.


____ 0-17          Frequent serious errors occur, or occasional serious errors combine with frequent minor errors to make reading difficult and meanings unsure.





______ Total Points