Homework 4 Asia
This is your last homework assignment.  The assignment is about water problems in India.  Please view the 2 really short videos and read the three articles. Video on water shortage in India (a little over a minute – no commentary on this one)


Indian communities face daily struggle for clean water – article and video – read article and watch video (about 3 minutes) Video is a little link to the left of the article, just scroll down a little on the article and you will see 3 links, choose the one entitled “daily struggle for clean water in India”

Solve water problems or forget growth, India told

The technology of saving India’s precious water supply

Using the 3 minute video as a source, explain what water problems India is facing. Then,  after reading the articles answer the following questions in addition:

Where does about 80% of rural water and farm irrigation supplies come from?

How are these locations “fed” more water?

According to the BBC article – which two “industries”  have been accused of  using up too much water (they are named).  How is one of them trying to help with the water shortage?

How with ground water requirements change by about 2050?

What is a “water footprint” – what is the water footprint of a glass of beer?

If India can’t increase its water supply, what could it do?

How will this shortage affect growth in the future?