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opic: The Michael Jordan Brand

The final research paper will involve a business topic based on the article Review and annotated refference assignents that a student has completed. you will need to choose one of these to do your topic on 



margins set to 1-inch  Top/bottom and 1-inch Right/left; Double spaced, 12-point Arial or Times new Roman font; double-spaced: 5 points


Title page with paper title, authors name, and instituiton (Texas a&m University-commerce) centered horizontally and vertically, and edited header with running head: Title in CAPS AND PAGE NUMBER RIGHT ALIGNED: 5 points


Header with title (in all caps) left aligned and page numbers right aligned: 5 points 


Introduction,Discussion, Conclusion in APA format (6th edition); must iclude in text citations: Minimum 1/2 page introduction, minimum 5 page Discussion, and minimum 1/2 page conclusion; double-spaced content: 50 points 


A complete reference in APA format (6th edition) for each article ( no proxy URL’s are to be used): Hanging indent used for each reference: 10 points 


 A minimum of five references. ( can use what you previously used for module iv.) Paragraphs needs to be double spaced: 10 points 


Spelling/grammar : 15 points 

Total : 100 points