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1. Explain which of the three measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode) are appropriate to use for each of the two cases below. Do not work out the problem. Only express your answer and explain why you chose the answer.

a. Prices of laptops: $600, $1300, $2000, $3500

b. Candies:

Hershey’s Bar®: 50 cents

M and M’s®, Payday®, Twix®: 50 cents

Reese’s Pieces®: 50 cents

Nestle Crunch Bar®: 60 cents 

2. Search the internet to find  two graphs to critique: one you evaluate to be a good graphical representation of the information presented and the other to be a poor graphical representation of the information presented.

Answer the following questions about your selected graphs.

  1. What types of graphs are used to display the information?
  2. Briefly describe the purposes of the graphs.
  3. Do the titles and notes explain the data satisfactorily? Explain why or why not.
  4. What additional information would have been helpful?
  5. What suggestions would you make for a better presentation of this data?
  6. What questions would you ask the researcher about how the data were collected?