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This assignment asks you to research a technology invented or introduced in the past five years that significantly affected society in your home region. Consider the following information to help you develop your position on how the technology impacted society.

1. Choose a technology/Invention from any of the following categories: Travel/Transportation (automobiles, airplanes, trains, etc.) Public Works (sanitation, utilities like heat and air, etc.) Sustainability/Environment/Agriculture Commerce (imports/exports, food, etc.) Security/Military Aerospace Energy Sports Health/Medical

2. The Technology/Invention was developed in response to what need? (examples): Lodging Sanitation Health and safety Self – defense Travel/commerce Spiritual & artistic Other societal needs not listed

3. Ask (& answer) the question: How have societal, political, and/or business systems developed alongside the technical discovery? Example societal, political, and business systems: Communication Societal classes/castes Social justice, human rights Women’s and minorities’ rights Labor laws & unionization Money and banking systems Political organization and parties Laws and regulations, justice and court systems Militaries


Write a report that discusses each of the three points mentioned above. The technology you chose must be significant to your home region (town, state, province, etc.), but could have been invented/developed anywhere in the world. Use this opportunity to showcase your region/culture or highlight how technology helped advance your culture or home region. Provide a brief, but meaningful description of your home region.


You must include at least three references, only two of which can be online (one MUST be a printed source that you accessed in person). Cite all references within the text and provide a List of References (Bibliography) at the end of the report. Citations and Bibliographies must be in standard, IEEE format. Length: No more than two pages of text (excluding Bibliography) plus one to two high-quality figures or tables using single-spaced lines and 11-point font. Worth: 60 points (mandatory assignment) Note: you do not need to follow memo format, but ensure you include your name, section, and date.


this is what I want it to be about:


The Gully Anti-Blockage System


In many cities in the world, street level flooding from rainstorms is a major problem. To address this issue, on April 23rd 2013, the Town of Miami Lakes, Florida will install the first prototype of a flood control system invented in Kuwait and used successfully for a number of years in Beirut, Lebanon. “This is a problem that many communities like ours live with,” said Michael Pizzi, Mayor of Miami Lakes. “We are proud to be the first city in America to test this system. We hope that the prototype will be effective so we can expand its use in the future.” Kuwaiti engineer Faisal Abdulaziz Al-Asfour created the system. Mr. Al-Asfour worked closely with Kuwait’s Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity, which was established by Kuwait’s Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.