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Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis

Due Date:
 Jul 06, 2014 23:59:59       
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Identify and analyze two multicultural lesson plans, one SIOP and one EEI.

Address the following for each lesson plan in a 500-750-word essay:

1. Are the objectives aligned with academic standards? State how the lesson objectives support the academic standards.

2. Are the assessments aligned with the objectives? Is it explicitly clear what the students should know and be able to do by the end of the lesson? What is the evidence demonstrating mastery of knowledge and/or skills that will support the lesson objectives?

3. Are the learning experiences relevant to the objectives?

4. Is instruction differentiated? How will ELL or special needs students benefit from these lessons? Name the activities that support learning modalities, gender, or cultural groups.

5. Are there frequent and multiple ways to check for understanding during instruction? List the strategies to check for understanding. Include other strategies not in the lessons that could be utilized to further check for student understanding.

Create a brochure with two sections delineating the advantages of SIOP and EEI lesson plan formats to inform prospective teachers. Be creative.