i need information hrm300 uop individual assignment one you have listed employment laws usin

I need information on the HRM/300 uop individual assignment. the one that you have listed as employment laws using the chart is the team assignment. Below is what I need. It is due today.   Thank you!



Legal and Illegal Pre-employment Inquiries

Determine what questions can legally be asked of job applicants.

Put an “I” for Illegal or an “L” for Legal after each statement.  If you put an “I”, also provide the corresponding law that makes the action illegal.  No credit will be given if the applicable law is not cited.  If you put an “L”, state why you feel the action is legal.  Each correct response is worth .50 points. 

Any response that does not have an explanation will automatically be marked as incorrect.

1.     What is your title–Mr., Mrs., or Miss?

2.     What is your marital status?

3.     What are your weight and height?

4.     Have you ever received workers compensation?

5.     Where were your parents born?

6.     Submit proof of age.

7.     List your social security number. 

8.     Are you a U.S. citizen?

9.     Are you a naturalized citizen?

10.  What is your religious affiliation?

11.  List past work experiences.

12.  Submit names of three individuals to be used as references.

13.  Supply the names and ages of your spouse and any dependents.

14.  List all clubs, societies, or lodges to which you belong.

15.  Have you ever been arrested for a crime? If so, please stipulate.

16.  What is the lowest salary you would accept?

17.  What arrangements do you have for the care of your children?

18.  Do you have a disability?

19.  What type of work does your spouse do?

20. May we contact your previous employers for references?