managing change 2

Instructions: 1. You are to select an appropriate organisation (private, public or voluntary – in total or a unit or division) that is prepared to allow you access a diagnostic exercise. You will need access to at least one key informant and access to some level of company documentation (for example, Annual reports, web site, publicity materials or other materials if they are available to you.) 2. Using any one key diagnostic models covered on the course, undertake a systematic diagnosis of the organisation. Foe the purpose of this assignment PEST and SWOT may only be used in conjunction with a more comprehensive diagnostic model. The diagnosis should include at minimum: – a brief analysis of the organisation’s internal and external and temporal environment. – an identification of the key problems/ inefficiencies facing the organisation or main areas or activities with good scope for improvement – an identification of any interrelationships between the problems identified. – an identification of the underlying sources of the problems 3. based on diagnosis identify a suitable intervention or set of interventions which you consider appropriate in tackling the problems identified. Justify your choice 4 Develop a brief action/ implentation plan based on your diagnosis. Change recommendations should be prioritised.