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You own a business that makes gaming software. Your company has decided to create 3 add-on software options. To create these add-ons, it takes a team that consists of a computer programmer, graphic artist, and mathematician.

  • Add-on software A takes the programmer 9 hours, the graphic artist 6 hours, and the mathematician 1 hour to complete.
  • Add-on software B takes the programmer 10 hours, the graphic artist 4 hours, and the mathematician 2 hours.
  • Add-on software C takes the programmer 12 hours, the graphic artist 4 hours, and the mathematician 1 hour.

If there are 398 programming hours available, 164 graphic artist hours available, and 58 mathematician hours available, how many copies of each software can be produced?

Use the following guidelines for your answer:

  • Set up the systems of equations.
  • Solve the system of equations, using any preferred method for solving.
  • Be sure to check your results.
  • Deliverable Length: 500–750 words

    Course Objectives:

    • Apply linear equations to maximization and minimization problems;
    • Solve linear equations, inequalities, and systems of equations;
    • Apply the rules of logic to solve problems;
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