now you have learned about great migration and harlem renaissance you will step shoes

Now that you have learned about the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance, you will step into the shoes of a person living in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance. Compose a friendly letter as if you were a person who moved from Alabama to Harlem during the Great Migration. You are experiencing the Harlem Renaissance all around you. You will write the letter to a friend back home. Tell your friend about your life in Harlem and introduce the culture of Harlem and the influential individuals of the time. You can mention people, places, and items such as Countee Cullen, the Savoy, or the Lindy Hop. Your letter should be at least two to three paragraphs long. You should define the Harlem Renaissance for your reader. Your letter should contain at least five accurate details about the Harlem Renaissance and the individuals from the time. Tell your friend back in Alabama about the atmosphere around you in Harlem and the “push/pull” factors that influenced your move north.