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Journal #4


1.   What part of the course engaged you most thoroughly and why? 

The most part that engaged me on HUM 103 is the chapter eight” The World of Islam” because I was interested how other religion think about Islam. If they believed only on the media what are they talking about Islam or not. Moreover, I found something that I couldn’t know about the Islam, especially the invention of Islam. In additional, the philosophy and technology at that time.


2.   What part of the course did you unexpectedly benefit from and in what ways?

It’s surprising, isn’t it, how the all three largest religions in the world going smoothly one by after, starting with Judaism and how with Abraham and Moses are considered to be the founding fathers of Judaism in the Middle East over 4000 years ago. After that, Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ who believed to have been born to a virgin over 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. Finally, Islam is over 1300 years old, Founder by Muhammad who was born in Middle East. Islam believed that only one God exists and this God is called Allah.

3.   What part of the course was most difficult for you and why?

The most difficult part was to understand Hellenistic sculpture, or indeed the sculpture of any period for which the depiction of human emotion is a goal. I remembered when i visited Delaware Museum i saw some of the famous Hellenistic sculpture and Hellenistic portraits. However, these analyses help persuade a skeptic that the method can be applied to art.

4.  What teaching methods were most conducive to learning and why?  What teaching methods hindered your learning and why?  Build questions around the subject that we talking about and give evaluation for the best answers. Also, the class activity can be group work every class for ten minutes to answers some questions about the class. For example, Compare between two philosophies or the believed of religions. This will help students feel challenged in the classroom. So your focus is on higher-order thinking. The only reason hindering my learning Language, as international student i have to do much more than English speakers work on the subject like translate some vocabularies and read more, because i couldn’t get more than 40 percent on class.


4.   What, if anything, are you going to do differently in future college courses based on your experience and performance in this class?

 Naturally i have to do organize my classes’ works and my assignments should be on time. This is the reason why i hated my self now because I’m late in many assignments. Also, using College facilities such as academic center, study group at the library and tutoring

6. What suggestions do you have for improving the learning experience for future HUM 103 sections?

In my opinion, to make good communication between the students by making groups on the class to exchange and discussion the information. Additionally, grading for more than one type, such as exercises, trips to museums and graphics for art subjects.

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