personality theory project due tonight

 Personality Theory Project

Due: Week Ten

Points: 100

Part I: Assessment

(a)Complete one of the following online personality assessments.


The above link will take you to the first page of the assessment. Enter “gender” and select next, to begin.



(b)What theory is the assessment you chose to take based on? Discuss the results of your test to show an understanding of the variables being assessed and the results.

(c)Describe two specific events in your life that exemplify how your personality may have influenced your thoughts, behavior, and/or the outcome of the event.Include in your example mention of the terms or traits included in the personality assessment you completed. For example, if you scored very low or high on a particular trait, give an example of an experience that exemplifies that trait.Examples need to be concise, yet show understanding of the personality trait in question.


Part II: Examination of Personality Development

Considering your personality profile from the above assessment, which of the following theories most accurately explains your personality development: psychodynamic, humanistic, or cognitive-social?Briefly describe the theory and justify how this theory applies to your personality development.

Requirements: Length = approximately 2 pages.