please address one following essential questions your response must must be least 2 3 pages

Please address one of the following essential questions; your response must: Must be at least 2-3 pages in length, 12 pt font, single space, etc Make effective use of supportive content Clearly identify the associated ethical issues/ concerns Include properly formatted citations (APA) as necessary Submitted by due date 4/5/12 A. Through the ages, the overall societal opinion regarding human life has changed significantly. How have societal influences contributed to present day attitudes regarding this topic, and how do you feel our society should view human life? B. The information Age has resulted in the exponential growth of technology, and with that has also emerged an entire new set of issues. The question of “Can we?” has been replaced by “Should we?” How can the average person, and society in general, be expected to arrive at fair and equitable decisions or positions concerning such advancement?