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 please read the prompt in the attachments file. READ IT CAREFULY. Make sure you include a thesis statment and topic sentences in evey body paragraph. Be clear for the Idea Do Not use complicated words. Write as an international student. Give many examples and qoutes. USE TRANSITION WORDS to conect between the paragraphs. Use a manimume of 6 realiable sources. 1500+ WORD WITHOUT THE WORK CITED PAGE. MLA format. In the end of the essay I need you to do Annotated Bibliography and summerize every source with 5-7 sentence and how you will use the sources in the essay because the Annotated Bibliography is due before the essay.


Please use these sources in the essay because we musr use 5 sources from our text book. THESE SOURCES IS NOT INCLUDING THE OTHER 6 SOURCES.’t%20we%20complain%20text.pdf


Pleaes use these as well in the work cited page and in the Annotated Bibliography.