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Please answer this question using 6 slides powerpoint



  • Associate Development, What does it mean to me and how does it look in my store? 


    This is for a retail establishment, I am in a time crunch here I thought I would have been to do this but I have run out of time to get to it. I need someone that will dedicate the next 24 hours on this for me please..I need quality work as this is an EXTREMELY important presentation. I have documentation for help but I would rather not post on here.


    This needs to include visuals; picture arts, audio/video if possible, speaker notes, etc. Since I am in a time crunch I am willing to negotiate this but you have to be GREAT with Powerpoint. Please don’t waste my time because I don’t have alot left to do this.


    If you think you can do this respond to my post and we can talk.

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