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Communication Disorders

Jane is a first grade student who appears to be experiencing both expressive and receptive language difficulties. More specifically, Jane experiences problems with expressing herself and actually understanding what others say to her. Due to Jane’s expressive and receptive language difficulties, her teacher has contacted her parents and the school speech pathologist because Jane’s grades in school have begun to suffer. Jane’s teacher would like Jane to be evaluated by the school speech and language pathologist as well as the school psychologist to determine if Jane possesses a learning disability.

  1. Should Jane’s teacher be recommending her for an evaluation related to a learning disability? Why? Why Not?
  2. What interventions in the classroom could Jane’s teacher implement in order to help Jane with her expressive and receptive language problems?

300 Level Forum Grading Rubric


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Student points

Met initial post deadline (Wednesday)



Initial post is substantive



Initial post is at least 300 words



Initial post employs at least two citations; one can be text; other must be from an academic source





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