supply chain 0

B. Analyze your simulation results. Include the following in your analysis:

• Your actions during the simulation

• The relationship between your actions and your simulation results

• Your success compared to other competitors

• Alternatives to your actions that could have produced better results in the simulation

1. Evaluate how you utilized budgets and pro-forma statements to ensure adequacy of funds for providing the production capacity you needed to achieve your business goals.

2. Evaluate how you employed each of the following strategies to improve operating efficiency in your manufacturing facility:


Note: You may provide data from the simulation to support your analysis.

a. Just-in-time

b. Lean operations

3. Analyze the applicability of work cells versus a traditional straight line method to the type of manufacturing facility used to assemble the computers manufactured within the simulation.

4. Evaluate your decisions involving inventory management (e.g., Did you have inventory when you needed it without incurring unnecessary inventory carrying costs?).

5. Explain how a specific continuous improvement program could have been used within the simulation to achieve quality assurance goals.