Supply Chain Forecasting

  1. Supply Chain Forecasting

    Discuss how forecasting effects the supply chain of an automobile manufacturer. Consider especially the forecasting and supply chains involved in manufacturing a new model (entirely new, not an edition/annual change). How do the individual supply chains for the subparts effect the larger supply chain of the whole automobile. How does forecasting effect the just-in-time or lean production system used in most automobile manufacturing plants? 

    Example of a typical automobile supply chain:

    • Suppliers for raw materials
    • Suppliers for parts and subsystems
    • Automobile manufacturer (Ford, in the example). Within a company, there are also different departments, which constitute the internal supply chain:
      • Purchasing and material handling
      • Manufacturing
      • Marketing, etc.
    • Transportation providers
    • Automobile dealers


  2. Risk Management

    Create a rudimentary supply chain for delivering canned peaches to the consumer. Discuss the sources of uncertainty within this supply chain. What are the risks? How could the manufacturer mediate the risks

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