two assignments 9

hi i am international student taking english 1001 i have to submit new essay tomorrow my assigment is : 


Previous assignments were to find information (researched articles) related to your subject/topic interest, summarize them, and discover the point of view (argument) in the articles.

This assignment is to practice evaluating the validity of arguments.

1) Choose one of your previous articles that presents an argument.

2) Decide if the article is interesting to you or not.

3) Analyize HOW and WHY the article is either interesting or uninteresting.

4) Type in size 12 font, Times New Roman, double space, approximately 1 to 1.5 pages your explanation of the article’s interest or lack of interest.  Begin your explantion with your evaluation of the VALIDITY of the article’s argument–for example, “Based on my analysis, the argument in (citation for article) has (amount of value) of validity.



and i have to wirte an eassy that by tomorrow 


The first draft of your Academic Presentation Argument Essay should be:

1.  Typed following MLA format (without a citation/reference/works cited page).

2.  2 to 2.5 pages.

3.  Written following the attached essay structure information.

4.  Complete with sincere, obvious attempt–scoring will not be based on correctness of analysis.


please find the the attachment 

there are the structure and the my subject